April 21, 2023

Realme Rmx3265 C25Y orginal imei repair success pandora box

Driver: [UNISOC Communications Inc.,sprdvcom,SPRD U2S Diag,sprdvcom.sys,]
Connecting to device… OK
Selected processor: Tiger_T610_64
Load files… OK
Connect preloader 1… OK
Connect preloader 2… OK
Connect loader 1… OK
Connect loader 2… OK
Read partitions info… OK
Checking A/B state… OK [A]
Read product info… [EXT4] … OK
Product Brand : realme
Product Manufacturer : realme
Product Model : RMX3265
Product Name : RMX3265
Product Device : RE54D1
Build ID : RP1A.201005.001
Build Date : Tue Jul 5 01:42:06 CST 2022
Display ID : RMX3265_11_A.31
Security Patch : 2022-06-05
Version SDK : 30
Version Release : 11
Version Codename : REL
Firmware Version : 1656956608000
Load NVD… OK
Read IMEI… error(3)
Repaired IMEI:
IMEI 1: 861450000000000
IMEI 2: 861450000000000
Check security state… OK [1]
Unlock bootloader… OK
Patch modem check… OK
Patch cert… OK
Write IMEI… OK
Save NVD… OK
If your phone after repair keeps rebooting – use wipe data option.

note: only write backside sticker imei or box imei do not any another imei

IMEI/MEID/ESN Repair is intended to Repair IMEI/MEID/ESN one written on phone back label/Box.We Not Encourage ESN / MEID / IMEI Changing,
It’s Illegal.We are not responsible if you use any product from our website with any third party software for any illegal operation.If you want to repair IMEI of any handset, then please contact authorized service centers.User is sole responsible for any illegal activity done with use of our a1mobilecare.com
It may cause legal action against you by local law enforcement agencies.We will not be liable for any loss or damaged caused.

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